Presenter Marina Kim is pregnant by a Director from Hollywood

Ведущая Марина Ким ждет ребенка от режиссера из ГолливудаThe star of the program “Good morning” on the First channel will become a mother next year.

More recently, Marina has participated in the show of the First channel “Without insurance”. Valiantly waving a samurai sword, perform complex acrobatic feats, rose up to the dome and didn’t even know they are pregnant.

“I learned quite recently – shared with the correspondent Marina Woman’s Day. — Me this news was a surprise. Trained, trained, ate a lot and slept a lot. Thought that the organism behaves because of athletic exercises, but apparently not! I now have mixed feelings. Had to abandon the project “Without insurance”. Four rooms have been prepared, it is two months of work – and not only mine, but also coaches, choreographers. It was a little frustrating…

On the other hand, all that is done, the better. Yes, a little sad, but I’m happy. Show the jury my decision fully supported. Our glorified gymnast Larissa Latynina even shared their own story: she is in the fourth month of pregnancy took part in the competition, won the gold medal! I was told not to risk it. Now written in Christmas programs and concerts, and going to work after the holidays, feel good”.

    We can only be glad for the Marina. Leading herself presented the best gift for the New year. And not only themselves! My daughter Marina polutorogodovalogo Briana – now has a little brother or sister.

    It is known that the baby will be born next year, but the name of the father of a child star TV presenter keeps secret.

    On nepodvizhnoi information, it can be a famous Hollywood Director, author of films “Hercules” and “X-Men: the Last stand” Brett Ratner.

    Rumors of an affair Kim and Ratner appeared in the beginning of 2015. The paparazzi photographed them strolling together in new York. Marina and Brett, in turn, then the incident did not comment. The details of their relationship are kept secret to this day.

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